How Deion Jones could help the Buffalo Bills defense in 2024

A week ago, the Buffalo Bills signed Deion Jones to a one year deal helping to beef up their linebacking core. Just how much can Jones help the Bills in 2024?
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Around one week ago, the Buffalo Bills signed Deion Jones to a one-year deal. NFL analyst Adam Schefter was the first to report it on ESPN. Jones played in 13 games and started in only three in 2023. He finished with 35 total tackles and a sack and an interception as well. It was a down season in production for him as he is nearing his thirties in age and hitting the twilight part of his career.

As it stands, the Buffalo linebacking room has their two top players in Terrel Bernard at the middle linebacker spot and then Matt Milano at the other sport. Milano is currently nursing a leg injury that will affect him as training camp approaches. 

The Bills will have more depth at linebacker in Edefuan Ulofoshio who they picked in the 5th round of the 2024 NFL draft. He had an exceptional year for the Washington Huskies his senior year with 94 tackles. 

What role could Deion Jones have with the Buffalo Bills?

This not only gives Jones reinforcement in the depth department with the linebackers, but it also gives him an opportunity to mentor Ulofoshio as he adjusts to life and play in the NFL.

Jones could serve as a good depth player to the two main linebackers in Buffalo. All in all, if you look at the production Jones had last season this seems to be the best-suited position for him to be in, especially when he is under just a one-year deal. 

The signing puts an experienced linebacker in the core who can fill in gaps and play when Bernard and Milano need rest. It also sets up a mentor opportunity for him and the incoming rookie Ulofoshio. This puts Jones on a new but beneficial career path both for him and the Buffalo Bills.