How close were the Buffalo Bills to being 10-0 rather than 5-5 in 2023?

Denver Broncos v Buffalo Bills
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Week 7 Buffalo Bills vs. the Patriots

This game, the defense only held the struggling Patriots offense to two punts, which isn't a good look, as Mac Jones was almost perfect on the day, along with their runningbacks running all over the Bills defense. However, the offense was struggling once again, as Allen threw an interception on the first play on offense.

However, other than two drives that resulted in punts, the Bills moved the ball. The little things like penalties and play-calls have messed up offensive tempo, not to mention a missed field goal by Tyler Bass. Even with the flaws on offense, they were still able to put up 25 points on a good Patriots defense (with the help of a defensive fumble recovery), giving the Patriots offense two minutes left to score a touchdown.

Again, the defense would fold as the Patriots scored with little time left in regulation. Diggs dropped a deep pass that would've put the Bills in field goal range, which would've mattered if Bass had made the field goal earlier in the game.