How close were the Buffalo Bills to being 10-0 rather than 5-5 in 2023?

Denver Broncos v Buffalo Bills
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Week 1 Buffalo Bills vs. the Jets

The defense played out of their mind against a struggling Jets offense after Aaron Rodgers went down, yet Allen turned the ball over four times, gift-wrapping the win for the Jets. Many people can blame the special teams toward the end after allowing a walk-off punt return, but if Josh played smarter, the Bills would have walked away with that win easily.

However, the defense didn't play perfectly, allowing Breece Hall to run 127 yards on 10 carries. Most of that yardage came off two long runs, which isn't acceptable, especially in a McDermott-run defense.

Week 5 Buffalo Bills vs. the Jaguars

This is the first game in the duration where the offense looked out of sync, as the Bills were almost scoreless by half until they scored a late touchdown. Fans thought the Bills would come out of halftime with some momentum but still looked lost until the fourth quarter where the offense scored two touchdowns quickly to narrow the game with one possession.

Something that's talked about a lot is the Bills defense folding in last-minute situations, and this would be the first. The defense had two opportunities to stop the Jaguars' offense but failed, letting Travis Etienne run all over them. It would be too little too late when the offense got the ball, losing by five points.