Game-by-game predictions for the 2023 Buffalo Bills after preseason

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Week 14: Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs - Sunday, 12/10

Buffalo seems to do well against the Chiefs in the regular season, but the Bills seem to always hit a funk at some point, and I think after an impressive 10 - 0 start to the season, they hit a rough patch and drop three straight. Don't worry Bills fans, Buffalo will get their win against the Chiefs in the playoffs this time but until then. Chiefs 23 - 20

Week 15: Buffalo Bills vs Dallas Cowboys - Sunday, 12/17

Okay, after three straight losses, the Bills get back in the driver's seat. A late-season matchup with the Dallas Cowboys should be fun. Both teams will be battling for playoff positioning and division titles. Micah Parsons could be a problem against our line but Buffalo comes out on top and ends the losing streak. Buffalo 26 - 17

Week 16: Buffalo Bills at Los Angeles Chargers - Saturday, 12/23

There was a time when Justin Herbert and Josh Allen were often compared as similar quarterbacks but Herbert hasn't had quite the success that Allen has, particularly their respective teams. But when these two meet on a Saturday, the comparisons might make a return, especially if the Chargers are in a dogfight with the Chiefs for the division. In the end, Buffalo wins their 12th of the season. Buffalo 36 - 27