Game-by-game predictions for the 2023 Buffalo Bills after preseason

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Week 10: Buffalo Bills vs Denver Broncos - Monday, 11/13

Buffalo keeps rolling against the Broncos. Even with Sean Payton coming to try to resurrect the career of Russell Wilson, it won't be enough. I think the Broncos are at the bottom of the AFC West and one of the worst in the whole conference. This one won't be close. Buffalo 41 - 17

Week 11: Buffalo Bills vs New Jersey Jets - Sunday, 11/19

Sorry Bills fans, our boys have to lose at some point, right? I don't think Buffalo will go undefeated within the division and the Jets are a good team. Regardless if Rodgers has lost a step or not, he's still a terrific quarterback and the new players will have several games under their belt together too. I think the New Jersey Jets get this one. Jets 24 - 21

Week 12: Buffalo Bills at Philadelphia Eagles - Sunday, 11/26

What a game this will be. I'd go so far as to say this could be a Super Bowl preview. The Eagles are a loaded team and rival the Bills in overall talent on their roster. Plus, the game is at always tough to play Philadelphia. Unfortunately, I have the Bills losing back-to-back games and dropping only their second game of the season. Philadelphia 27 - 21

Week 13: Bye