Game-by-game predictions for the 2023 Buffalo Bills after preseason

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Week 1: Buffalo Bills at New Jersey Jets - Monday, 9/11

The season opener is on Monday Night Football against the Aaron Rodgers-led Jets. Should be a great matchup but the Bills will remind everyone why they are still the team to beat in the AFC East. The Jets have some serious problems (bigger than the Bills) on the offensive line. Greg Rousseau and that Buffalo pass rush will get to Rodgers. Buffalo 24 - 13

Week 2: Buffalo Bills vs Las Vegas Raiders - Sunday, 9/17

I can't wait for this game because I will be there for this one. If you happen to see me around, say hi. I've been asking all summer long, "What are the Raiders doing?" They let Derek Carr go and replace him with a lesser version of him, with Jimmy G, then they did one of their top two players wrong in Josh Jacobs. The Raiders do have Jacobs signed now and have one of the best wide receivers in the league, but their defense will be severely overmatched by the Bills. Buffalo 31 - 21

Week 3: Buffalo Bills at Washington Commanders - Sunday, 9/24

The Commanders have some talent on their team, and we'll have to wait and see if Sam Howell is any good, but Washington has a way to go before they can compete with the likes of the Bills. They could cause the Bills some trouble upfront with their defensive front, but their backend won't be able to keep up with Diggs, Davis, and the rest of the Bills skill position players. Buffalo continues to roll undefeated. Buffalo 34 - 17