5 free agents the Buffalo Bills must re-sign for 2024

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Taylor Rapp - Safety

Micah Hyde is a free agent and likely going to retire. Hyde could decide to give it one last shot in 2024 but there is worry about the neck injury he suffered two seasons ago, plus age could be catching up with him. Also, we don't know for sure that Jordan Poyer won't retire as well. He's still under contract but regardless, the Bills need to bring Taylor Rapp back under contract. He played well, particularly later in the season, and could be a solid starting safety.

This becomes of even more importance if Poyer does retire. Knowing the Bills could head into the 2024 season with two new starting safeties. Having one of those being Rapp would be a huge advantage and he would be able to help whoever takes the other spot with the learning curve, whether that be a rookie or another free agent. Sportrac.com has Rapp's projected value set at $5.5 million annually.