Former Buffalo Bills all-pro Brian Moorman helps dig out Highmark Stadium

Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Bills / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages

Western New York has been beaten and battered by recent snowstorms. We all saw the images last week of fans arriving and digging out their seats. The snow just kept coming this week and once again Highmark Stadium was buried in the snow. The team called on Bills Mafia for their help and they answered the call.

Videos surfaced on social media showing long lines of fans carrying their snow shovels patiently waiting to get inside the stadium and to their "1/11th". With temperatures in the teens, and the snow continuing to fall, Bills Mafia has not stopped, as they continue to unbury the stadium. The fans are living the belief of former Bills coaching great Marv Levy, "When it's too tough for them, it's just right for us."

Some fans, mostly from other fan bases, have taken to social media, calling out the Bills organization for not having an answer to snow removal. Rather than hiring a contractor to facilitate the snow removal, they prefer Bills Mafia volunteering to help out, paying them $20 per hour for their work. I say, why not? If the fans want to help out and be part of the solution, let them. I'd be right there with them if I lived locally.

The fans answered the call, as did former Buffalo Bills all-pro punter, Brian Moorman, showing up at the stadium with his shovel and providing his assistance to help get the stadium ready for this massive showdown against the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL divisional round.

Moorman proceeded inside the stadium and met a couple of fans from Wyoming, who were in town all week and just wanted to help out and do their part. They didn't have tickets to the game but Moorman surprised them with an invite to the game, took some pictures with them, and got to work shoveling snow. Bills Mafia will never cease to amaze me, nor will the current and former players who are always there for the fans and the Buffalo Bills.


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