5 first reactions to the Buffalo Bills week 18 massive division clinching win

Buffalo Bills
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The Buffalo Bills' offense dominated in every way throughout the game and yet came away with only 21 points but the Bills' defense was so good yet again, it was enough for the win, the AFC East title, and the number two seed in the AFC playoffs that start next weekend. Once again it wasn't pretty but simply getting the win at the end of the day is all that matters and Buffalo did just that, 21 - 14.

The Dolphins are a good football and were 7 - 1 at home coming into this game, so if you expected the Bills to put up another 48 - 20 type of win, you were disappointed and should have expected differently. I have to admit, I wasn't feeling good after the third turnover but how many teams in the league can turn the ball over three times against an 11 - 5 team and still find a way to win?

The Bills' defense has been huge over the last three weeks and with how well they've played, they will have a shot in the playoffs. In past seasons, the biggest issue has been the defense not being able to hold up their end of the bargain and have collapsed in the playoffs. I don't think this year's version of the Bills' defense will succumb to that.