Some final thoughts on the Buffalo Bills Week 11 battle against the New York Jets

The Buffalo Bills are set to take on the New York Jets today and this is a must-win game for the Bills.
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How will the Buffalo Bills offense respond to new offensive coordinator Joe Brady?

I know I will feel a lot better about the Bills going forward if the offense can get rolling against the Jets. I'm not saying that Buffalo needs to score 30-plus points but just be efficient and don't turn the ball over. On a recent podcast, I stated I really don't care how the Bills get it done, just win. I don't care if they run the ball, pass the ball, no-huddle, chew up the clock, or whatever style of offense they want to run. Just figure out what works and get it done.

I will be very interested to see how Brady calls this game and the type of plays though. A couple of curious stats I recently came across, showed that Buffalo has run exactly one wheel route this season. While running backs aren't the only ones that might run this route, you see them more often than most other positions. With someone like James Cook, I was a bit surprised to see this. I also noticed they don't attack the middle of the field very often in the passing game. Seems to me, they have the perfect weapon to do that, in Dalton Kincaid. I can't wait to see what Brady does with the offense. Hopefully, it's for the better and not more of the same.