Some final thoughts on the Buffalo Bills Week 11 battle against the New York Jets

The Buffalo Bills are set to take on the New York Jets today and this is a must-win game for the Bills.
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Josh Allen has not always struggled against the New York Jets.

Josh Allen had a three-game stretch from 2020 through early 2022 where he was dominant against the Jets. During that span of four games, he had over 1,200 yards, six passing touchdowns, and only one interception. He also added over 170 yards on the ground, with a rushing touchdown. The Bills won all four of those games, including the final week of the 2021 regular season, and clinched the division title and a game I was present for.

Since then, Allen and the Bills have played three more games against the Jets, losing two of them. Have the Jets figured out how to defend Allen? I don't know but the numbers would certainly suggest that to be the case. In those three games, he has under 600 yards passing and only two passing touchdowns, but two more on the ground. The biggest issue is the interceptions, where he's thrown five in those three games. Allen will be the key to this game, and it comes down to the turnovers. If he can avoid those, and play more disciplined football, I think the Bills can move the ball and score enough to pick up the win. If not, the Bills will find themselves on the wrong side of the scoreboard once again.