Fear the East: Buffalo Bills Undisputed Throne - Top 5 Dominant Division Reigns

Buffalo Bills
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1. 2022 Buffalo Bills (13 - 3)

And here we are with the Bills' number-one all-time division title team. Go ahead, rip me apart, and tell me how wrong I am. That's fine, the numbers are there to support it though but I'm more than understanding others might think differently and you may be right. But look, the 2022 team won 13 games, which I mentioned previously, only four Bills teams have ever won that many games. On top of that, they had a point differential of 169 points, second in team history.

Their margin of victory was also third all-time at 10.6 while having the number two-ranked offense in both yards and points. The defense was also number two in points allowed and sixth in yards allowed. It's unfortunate all the off-the-field situations that the Bills dealt with last season. I honestly think between that and the injuries, the Bills simply ran out of gas in the end.


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