Did the Bills Super Bowl window get slammed shut in the AFC Divisional Round?

Another disappointing exit from the playoffs.

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen (17) rushed for 72 yards.
Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen (17) rushed for 72 yards. / Jamie Germano/Rochester Democrat and

Another year, another disappointing playoff loss for the Buffalo Bills. Not only was it another disappointing playoff loss but it was the third time in five years that the Bills' season has ended by the Kansas City Chiefs.

It didn't matter that the Bills were the home team this time or that they were riding a six-game win streak. When push came to shove, in the biggest moment on the brightest stage, the Bills couldn't get it done and their push for a Super Bowl ends sooner than it should once again.

To make matters worse, there's a narrative going around that this was the Bills' final shot at winning a Super Bowl due to salary cap issues popping up this offseason.

Buffalo Bills' Super Bowl window has not ended.

Did these people forget who the quarterback is of this team? As long as Josh Allen is the quarterback of the Bills, they have a legitimate shot of winning a Super Bowl every year.

Yes, the cap situation might get a little hairy this offseason but Allen was the reason the Bills got to this point of the playoffs in the first place. The defense was beat up beyond belief and yet the Bills were still a missed field goal away from making Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs offense have to drive down the field to try and win the game in regulation.

Sure, teams with poor cap situations typically don't have a good shot at winning a championship but the Bills have Josh Allen leading the way and as long as they do, their Super Bowl window is wide open.