Did the Bills get ripped off in Stefon Diggs trade with Texans?

Okay then...

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Stefon Diggs Trade

Buffalo Bills fans are still shocked by the news of the team trading Stefon Diggs to the Houston Texans. The trade itself might not overly shocking considering the drama that has taken place between Diggs and the Bills over the years but what is shocking is what the Bills got back for the star wide receiver.

The Bills shipped Diggs off to Houston while also sending them a sixth-rounder for this year's draft and a fifth-rounder for next year's draft and in return, only receiving a second-round pick for the 2025 NFL Draft. The Bills did not get any draft picks for Diggs for this year's draft.

Bills got absolutely fleeced by Texans in Stefon Diggs trade

Yes, Diggs has been a bit of a drama king during his time in Buffalo but the fact of the matter is that he's coming off his sixth straight season of over 1,000 yards receiving and fifth straight season of over 1,100 yards receiving. Diggs had 107 receptions for 1,183 yards and eight touchdowns during the 2023 season and the Bills just traded away that production (and two future draft picks) in exchange for one draft pick that can't even be used until next year.

The Bills can't even replace Diggs right away with the draft pick they got in return. They'll of course be drafting a wide receiver early in the draft because now their wide receiver room consists of Curtis Samuel, Khalil Shakir, and Justin Shorter. Now is the reminder to everyone that Gabe Davis signed with the Jaguars over free agency.

The Texans got one heck of a steal with this trade and clearly, the Bills wanted Diggs gone.