DeAndre Hopkins signs and it's not with the Buffalo Bills or any other true contender

The off-season saga of rumors and speculation is finally over. DeAndre Hopkins has made his decision and it wasn't with the Buffalo Bills or any of the AFC contenders.

Buffalo Bills
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After months of rumors and speculation, we can finally put this crazy saga to bed. DeAndre Hopkins, despite saying early in the off-season that money was not an issue and he wanted to play for a contender, has elected to sign with the Tennessee Titans.

I get it, most players want the money. The cool millions these superstars have already made just isn't enough and at the end of the day, the money spoke louder than the desire to win. I know some will disagree and say, "good on him for getting his bag" and sure, good job getting paid but I would think chasing a championship would more important.

This is why I will forever respect the likes of Matt Milano and Jordan Poyer for taking less money to stay with a team and continuing that drive for a Super Bowl title. Even Tom Brady took several pay cuts throughout his career for the betterment of his teams.

But aside from all that, how about we take a look at some of the past All-Pro receivers that signed with the Titans. It's a pretty lengthy list of players who went there only to see their careers fall off a cliff.

1. Eric Moulds - 2007

16 games - 32 catches - 342 yards - 0 TD

2. Randy Moss - 2010

8 games - 6 catches - 139 yards - 0 TD

3. Andre Johnson - 2016

8 games - 9 catches - 85 yards - 2 TD

4. Julio Jones - 2021

10 games - 31 catches - 434 yards -1 TD

These are four of the best receivers to have ever played the game and they combined for 42 games played and only three touchdowns combined. I do think Hopkins has a little more left in the tank but at the end of the day, the Titans are a run-first team, have an average quarterback in Ryan Tannehill and they aren't even a top-five team in the conference. They probably won't even win their division but yeah, good job getting paid.

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