Dawson Knox and the Buffalo Bills agree to rework contract

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Dawson Knox
Dawson Knox / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

The wording here is important as it was put out that the Buffalo Bills and Dawson Knox have agreed to a "reworked" contract. The information was put out by ESPN's Jeremy Fowler, via Z (formerly known as Twitter). The term reworked would indicate it's a similar scenario to what we saw with Von Miller and his renegotiated deal. We don't have specifics on Dawson's new contract yet, but my guess is it entails converting his previous salary into incentives.

This move should free up additional space on the Bills' salary cap too; however, how much isn't known at this time. This move makes the most sense though, as cutting Knox would have added another $11.7 million, so that was never an option. With the addition of Dalton Kincaid, Knox's impact and snaps were reduced significantly last season, and as Kincaid develops, I anticipate he'll eat more and more into Knox's snap share.

Knox was on IR for several weeks in 2023 but finished the year with 22 receptions and 186 yards, with two touchdowns on 36 targets. Kincaid had twice the number of receptions that Knox's total targets. I would expect next season to be different and Knox will have a "bounce back" year; however, he is no longer the Bills' primary receiving threat at the position. As for Kincaid, you could make the argument that he is the Bills number two receiver regardless of position going into the 2024 season.

Legal Tampering is open and Buffalo Bills news will be flowing.

We will have much news from the NFL today, as the legal tampering deadline is now upon us. We'll bring you more information throughout the day as we receive it and provide more details on the Dawson Knox contract as soon as it becomes available. It will be an interesting and exciting week with the kick-off of NFL Free Agency.


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