This claim about Sean McDermott is beyond ridiculous heading into 2024 season

Considering the success McDermott has had, this claim does not make sense.
Buffalo Bills Mandatory Minicamp
Buffalo Bills Mandatory Minicamp / Bryan M. Bennett/GettyImages

If there is one thing that the Buffalo Bills have been able to build under Sean McDermott, it is a culture that is built off of character. Before McDermott arrived, the Bills were a mess of an organization who had not made the playoffs in 17 years. When McDermott arrived in Buffalo, he turned the Bills around in one season by clinching a playoff spot with Tyrod Taylor as his quarterback. Even though the Bills lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars 10-3, the defense for the Bills gave Bills fans a preview as to what they were going to be moving forward. 

A lot of great things have happened under McDermott for the Bills. They found their franchise quarterback in Josh Allen, built a defense that has been among the top of the league, made the playoffs in all but one season, and have won four consecutive division championships. 

Having a .640 winning percentage, McDermott has been the most successful coach for the Bills since Marv Levy. Even though the Bills have been great under McDermott, there is no denying that the Bills have come up short in the playoffs in recent memory. The Bills have been knocked out of the playoffs three of the last four seasons by the Kansas City Chiefs which is what has separated Josh Allen from Patrick Mahomes.

Cody Benjamin from CBS Sports created a list of head coaches that are hot-seat candidates heading into next season and McDermott was listed as the lowest coach at #8 and it is beyond ridiculous.

Putting McDermott on this list is a bad take because even though Buffalo has had trouble getting back to the AFC championship game, let alone the Super Bowl, the Bills are a great organization with the success and dominance over the AFC East. McDermott has brought stability to Buffalo and the Bills are better with him than without him. While a lot of the success comes from Allen, the Bills’ defense is the true x-factor and it has been McDermott that has built it up from the bottom.

The only way McDermott is not the head coach after the 2024 season is if the Bills have a complete disaster of a season with no major injuries and McDermott loses trust within the locker room. So, unless you think the Bills will have a complete meltdown next season, expect to see McDermott on the sidelines in 2025.