Buffalo Bills win big and climb in our week 12 AFC power rankings

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4. Miami Dolphins (7 - 3)

If you watched the Miami Dolphins against the Raiders, you would have not believed the score was only 20 -13. The Dolphins should have run away with this game but they won all the same. We've all heard the narrative around the Dolphins, they can't be a team with a winning record but that's going to ring true until they prove otherwise. But still, they win the games they are supposed to win.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars (7 - 3)

The Jacksonville Jaguars showed up this week and dominated the Tennessee Titans but then again, it's the Titans. Sorry Titans fans but your team isn't very good. Regardless, the Jaguars are a good football team and have a huge battle this weekend against the Houston Texans. A win by the Jaguars sets them up to win the division but a loss, and the Texans might have something to say about who wins the division.

2. Kansas City Chiefs (7 - 3)

The Kansas City Chiefs relinquished their number one spot after falling on Monday Night Football to the Philadelphia Eagles, 21 - 17. This Chiefs team has a great defense but this game was an example of why this team might be in trouble come playoff time. Their receivers let them down again and they lead the league in dropped passes. Mahomes is great but even the great ones need some help around them.

1. Baltimore Ravens (8 - 3)

We have a new number one team this week, with the Baltimore Ravens taking down the Bengals 34 - 20 and the Chiefs losing against the Eagles. It's pretty incredible what is happening in the AFC. There are 11 teams in the conference that all have three to five wins and the number one seed is anyone's for the taking. The Ravens might be the most complete team but they lost tight end Mark Andrews; and receivers Odel Beckham Jr. and Zay Flowers are starting to make some plays.

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