Buffalo Bills win big and climb in our week 12 AFC power rankings

Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Bills / Bryan M. Bennett/GettyImages
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13. Las Vegas Raiders (5 - 6)

The Las Vegas Raiders were close to winning their third straight but three interceptions by their rookie quarterback, Aiden O'Connell prevented the win. The Raiders weren't able to get their run game going either and losing by only seven points was a bit surprising considering this game felt far more out or reach for the Raiders than the score indicated.

12. Los Angeles Chargers (4 - 6)

Every week that goes by that Coach Staley is still employed by the Chargers simply amazes me. I have no emotional connection to the Chargers but at the same time, I feel for the fans. Is there a more talented team in the league that just can't figure out ways to win with any semblance of consistency? I don't think so, but chalk up another loss, this time to the Green Bay Packers.

11. Cincinnati Bengals (5 - 5)

Well, how the mighty have fallen. After defeating the Buffalo Bills a couple of weeks ago, the Bengals have since dropped back-to-back games and now the worst loss of all was losing Joe Burrow. Crazier things have happened in this league but the Bengals winning without Burrow isn't going to be one of them. The Bengals are done for 2023 but at least they likely have a high draft pick they can use to replace Tee Higgins if he doesn't resign with the team.