Buffalo Bills win big and climb in our week 12 AFC power rankings

Buffalo Bills
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16. New England Patriots (2 - 8)

The New England Patriots didn't play this week and it's probably a good thing. At this point, any week without taking another loss is a win for the Patriots and their fans. However, there is a silver lining here and it's the Patriots are in the running for the number one pick in next year's draft, which means they will have a shot at Caleb Williams.

15. Tennessee Titans (3 - 7)

Admittedly, I'm wrong more than I'm right but I have no problem tooting my own horn about being right about Ryan Tannehill not finishing this season as the Titans starter. It's also gratifying to see Deandre Hopkin's decision to take the money, rather than a contender as he initially stated, not working out so well from a win/loss perspective. But then again, I guess he got what he wanted, which was more dollar signs.

14. New York Jets (4 - 6)

The New York Jets were completely dominated by the Buffalo Bills in every aspect of the game. The lone bright spot for New York was converting a first down on a fake punt. Zach Wilson was ineffective and was benched but it didn't matter. The Jets' defense was shredded and had no answers for Josh Allen. I'm not sure even Aaron Rodgers could have helped the Jets in this one.