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Justin Shorter - Wide Receiver

Justin Shorter has yet to get into a game, despite making the Bills' initial 53-man roster. Buffalo placed him on IR at the beginning of the season due to a hamstring injury, which means he was set to miss the first four weeks of the season.

According to nfl.com, Shorter has not been activated by the Bills. They have 21 days to do so after the initial four-week absence and if they don't activate him in that time, he will be ruled out for the season. With a hamstring injury, I'm sure he'll get activated, it's just a question of when but working on finding out more about his injury status.

It would be nice to get him on the field, given his 6'4" frame, he could be an asset down in the red zone and he was also playing well on special teams before his injury. Hopefully, we'll know more next week but for now, he's still not getting time on the field.

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