Grading Buffalo Bills offense against New York Giants in Week 6

New York Giants v Buffalo Bills
New York Giants v Buffalo Bills / Lauren Leigh Bacho/GettyImages
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Wide Receivers

It was another 100-yard game from Stefon Diggs as he caught 10 of his 16 targets, and it is almost expected that Diggs will break that mark every game. The Bills also got Deonte Harty into the end zone on a three-yard pass from Josh Allen with Harty running out of the backfield.

However, with that said the Bills need to get more from the wide receiver group. Gabe Davis had three receptions for 21 yards on four targets but also had a fumble in the first half. The only other wide receiver to get a target was Khalil Shakir who caught it for 13 yards.

Stefon Diggs Week 6 Grade: A

Other Bills wide receivers Week 6 Grade: C-

Offensive Line

The Buffalo Bills offensive line has quietly become a strength of this offense over the past few weeks. The Giants defense has some good pass rushers but Josh Allen had plenty of time in the pocket as he wasn't sacked once all game and the Giants had only one QB hit.

This is now three times in the last four games that Josh Allen has not been sacks and he has been sacked a total of only four times in the past five games after being sacked five times in Week 1.

The offensive line also did a good job creating room on the ground for the run game as the Buffalo bills would average 4.4 yards per carry.