Buffalo Bills and Week 1 AFC power rankings

Buffalo Bills
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12 - New England Patriots

The New England Patriots have fallen from the ranks, and maybe one day they will be one of the top teams in the AFC but not with Mac Jones as the quarterback. I could be wrong, but he took significant steps backward last season, and they are limited in talent at the skill positions outside of Rhamondre Stevenson. Their defense will probably be in the top half of the league, but their offense might be one of the worst.

11 - Las Vegas Raiders

I'm not sure what the Raiders are doing, letting Derek Carr walk and signing Jimmy G instead. At best, it's a lateral move but certainly not an upgrade and could be a downgrade. They can't make one of their two best offensive players happy with a contract in Josh Jacobs either. This team has talent, with Jacobs and Devante Adams, then Maxx Crosby and Khalil Mack on defense. They'll win some games but still bottom half of the AFC.

10 - Tennessee Titans

I'd have a lot more faith in the Titans if they had a better quarterback and their star running back is 29 years old. Has he hit that running back wall? We won't really know until we see him on the field but not many backs have carried the ball as much as he has either, so that's another strike against him. For Ryan Tannehill, he's not even top 10 in the conference, and wouldn't shock me to see Will Levis at some point. Prove me wrong Tennessee.

9 - Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers have one of the best quarterbacks in the AFC and the NFL for that matter. The problem is that they seem to always underperform and never live up to the level of talent they possess. I'm a little surprised that coach Brandon Staley is still around after what happened last season against the Jaguars. The defense also has talented players but underperforms as well. Can the Chargers get it together this season and what kind of impact with new offensive coordinator Kellen Moore have on the offense?