Buffalo Bills and Week 1 AFC power rankings

Buffalo Bills
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16 - Houston Texans

I honestly believe the Texans will be a better team in 2023, but until they prove it on the field, I can't justify putting them any higher right now. A team that finished with the second overall pick in the last draft only gets that pick one of two ways and they didn't trade for it. That said, I can't wait to see rookie C.J. Stroud on the field. There is something exciting about watching rookies and seeing if they can play in this league.

15 - Indianapolis Colts

Anthony Richardson will be fun to watch and see if he develops into that franchise quarterback that Colts fans are hoping for but he's raw and has a way to go. Colts' ownership has strained the relationship with their star running back, Jonathan Taylor and it has yet to be seen how motivated he will be to run hard for the Colts. Also, not so sure their defense is going to be very good either, but they do have a few talented players on both sides of the ball.

14 - Denver Broncos

I almost put the Colts ahead of the Broncos, but Denver does have a solid defense and some good skill position players, such as Jerry Jeudy, Courtland Sutton, and Javonte Williams. The question is will new head coach Sean Payton "fix" whatever is wrong with Russell Wilson? Until this team takes the field and proves anything, 14th in the AFC is where they will sit.

13 - Cleveland Browns

Here is another team with some talented players on both sides of the ball. But Deshaun Watson has done nothing to instill confidence that he can or will be the same Watson before all his off-the-field issues. Maybe they can hand the ball off or throw a screen pass on every single play to Nick Chubb. He might be the best pure running back in the league but unfortunately for Browns fans, they can't use Chubb on every play.