3 ways the Buffalo Bills can better utilize Stefon Diggs in 2023

Stefon Diggs, Buffalo Bills
Stefon Diggs, Buffalo Bills / Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports
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Throw to him in the red zone

Another area of the field that the Buffalo Bills could utilize Stefon Diggs better is in the red zone. This is also where that route running and ability to create separation will be really beneficial to the offense.

In the final four games, Diggs had only two targets in the red zone during that stretch compared to 21 targets over the first 12 games. He was also very effective with those targets as seven of them turned into touchdowns.

This was a significant decrease from the previous year, with Brian Daboll calling plays, as Diggs would have 34 targets inside the 20 yard line. Stefon Diggs would have all 10 of his touchdowns that season occur on plays inside the red zone.

The decrease in opportunity wasn't necessarily due to fewer trips to the red zone. Josh Allen had 16 pass attempts inside the 20 yard line in those final four games of the 2022 season. The Buffalo Bills have to do a better job of getting the ball to Stefon Diggs more in this part of the field.

The issues between the Buffalo Bills and Stefon Diggs seemed to reach a boiling point this week but if they can incorporate these three changes, it will go a long way in better utilizing the former All-Pro and absolutely help the offense.