6 upcoming free agents the Bills should let walk in 2024

Looking ahead, a couple of positions should look much different.
Buffalo Bills, Gabriel Davis
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5. Poona Ford, DL

When the Bills signed defensive lineman Poona Ford this past offseason, many figured that to be a signature signing and one that would round out the defensive line. Instead, Ford has been inactive more often than not, and has not been injured. It has been a weird season for Ford, to say the least.

When he's been on the field, he hasn't done a whole lot, either. For some reason, there's been a disconnect in Buffalo. He also sounds frustrated and disappointed with his time in Buffalo, therefore it sounds like he's a good option to allow to sign elsewhere after this season. Buffalo should invest in another interior lineman in the draft rather than entertaining the thought of bringing Ford back.

6. Latavius Murray, RB

The Bills' approach to their running back room hasn't necessarily been bad, but Latavius Murray is going on 34 years old. Between Murray's age and Harris' injury-proneness, the Bills have to go a different direction. Now, Murray has been fairly efficient on his 70 carries, averaging 4.0 yards and having scored three touchdowns on the year.

Finding another short yardage back to compliment James Cook shouldn't be difficult, though. Even if the Bills don't draft one, they can always find an undrafted free agent in the spring. Running backs have become so easy to come by at this stage, and Buffalo doesn't have to invest too much past Cook.