Buffalo Bills top week 14 Pro Football Focus grades

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The Buffalo Bills traveled to Kansas City and faced their old nemesis, the Chiefs. It was a must-win for the Bills, but get used to it Bills fans, this is going to be the same every week. If you wanted two months of playoffs, this is where we are as Bills fans. So far, so good. The Bills got a massive win this week defeating the Kansas City Chiefs 20 - 17. It wasn't pretty but they got it done in the end.

Say what you want about Coach McDermott but the Chiefs were averaging nearly 23 points a game and Buffalo held them to just 17 in this one. I get it, they had the late touchdown called back on the offensive offside call but it was one play. The Bills played a solid game defensively, and Mahomes and the Chiefs had three more shots at moving the ball after the offsides, and the defense held them, forcing a turnover on downs.

A handful of players made some big-time plays, such as James Cook, of course, Josh Allen and there was even a Deonte Harty sighting on a 25-yard reception. On the defensive side, A.J. Epenesa turned in a huge play and Ed Oliver was a monster. Who made Pro Football Focus' (PFF) top five Bills on the offensive and defensive side in this game? Let's get into that but before I do, let's set the rules. For a player to make this list, they had to play at least 20 of the snaps on offense and 15 on defense, which is roughly 25%. OK, here are the numbers.