Buffalo Bills: Top 5 non-divisional matchups on 2023 schedule

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Was there any doubt this would be the Bills' number one non-divisional matchup? You could make an argument for the Bengals game or even the Eagles, but the Chiefs are the premier AFC team and until someone, the Bills, knocks them out of the playoffs, they will continue to be the team to beat.

Last year's Week Six matchup between these two drew in over 25 million viewers and a TV rating of 13.2. It was one of the most viewed matchups of the season and 2023 will be no different. The Allen versus Mahomes is must-see TV.

The Bills have fared quite well against the Chiefs in the regular season, having beaten them the last two times, both in Kansas City; however, it's been the playoff games that are an issue. The Bills have proven they can win in Arrowhead, but how nice would it be to have the Chiefs come to Buffalo in January?

One advantage I think the Bills will have this season is some uncertainty on the defensive side, with head coach Sean McDermott calling plays. No one knows what new wrinkle he might bring to the defense, plus the word is he is an aggressive play caller. I would love to see the Bills move away from the "bend but don't break" mentality and start forcing the issue.

On top of that, Ken Dorsey is entering year two and the hope is he will continue to grow in his offensive coordinator role, bringing more versatility to the offense. He's got the weapons, now it's time to put them to use.

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