Buffalo Bills: Top 5 boom-or-bust players for 2023

James Cook, Buffalo Bills
James Cook, Buffalo Bills / Joshua Bessex/GettyImages
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James Cook

The Buffalo Bills did not re-sign Devin Singletary this offseason and have seemingly cleared a path to James Cook having a bigger role in this offense entering his second season in the league. In limited playing time, Cook was very productive with 507 rushing yards and a 5.7 yards per carry average along with 180 receiving yards and three total touchdowns.

This should be all good news for James Cook and he has the potential to have a breakout season with the Buffalo Bills. The question becomes then what makes the former Georgia running back a boom-or-bust player this upcoming season?

The answer to that is offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey. While the Bills have made great strides in improving this offense, particularly the offensive line, the team has not been able to show a steady commitment to the run with Josh Allen under center.

If the Bills can commit to James Cook being the primary running back and average about 15 touches per game (rushing attempts and targets), he will bring a different dynamic to this offense that it has been lacking with his big-play ability.

However, if the play calling leans too heavily on Josh Allen and forgets about the run game, it won't matter what James Cook can do if he doesn't have the opportunities.

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