Buffalo Bills: Top 3 duds against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 5

Jacksonville Jaguars v Buffalo Bills
Jacksonville Jaguars v Buffalo Bills / Peter Nicholls/GettyImages
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2. James Cook

This game would be a flashback to last year where the Bills would have no running game except when Allen was running the ball. Cook was doing great on the ground throughout his games against Washington and Las Vegas and was even a top-10 rusher in the NFL before this week. 

Cook was not able to run on this Jaguars' defense, and couldn't even gain positive yardage, finishing the day with -4 rushing yards on 5 carries.

Cook was able to gain 3 receptions through the air for 25 yards, but other than that, he was never a factor, which is concerning because without getting Cook going, the offense was extremely one-dimensional.

A lot of that can be blamed on Ken Dorsey's play calling when trying to implement the run game, but how much can a person blame that on the play caller, the offensive line or the running back?

Down the line, the Bills are facing better defenses, and if the offense is not able to implement the run game, the offense will struggle to move the ball and could be detrimental to winning some football games. Cook is one of those players that has to be a factor when it comes to winning football games in the future.