Buffalo Bills should make switch at offensive coordinator before Week 10

New York Giants v Buffalo Bills
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Buffalo Bills need someone else calling plays to save their season

The Buffalo Bills can still turn the season around but they have to make some drastic changes and it has to start this week. The next two games are winnable against the Denver Broncos and New York Jets and are must win games with the Eagles and Chiefs up after that.

It is hard to imagine that Ken Dorsey will remain past this season as offensive coordinator but Sean McDermott can't wait until them. There are a number of coaches currently on the staff that have experience calling plays as offensive coordinator that could step in.

The most obvious one is Joe Brady, who at one time was considered an up and coming offensive mind from his time at LSU. He would spend about a year and half as offensive coordinator with the Carolina Panthers.

However, the Bills also have Mike Shula, offensive assistant, Rob Boras, tight end coach, and Aaron Kromer, offensive line coach, who all have been offensive coordinators at one point in their coaching career.

The Buffalo Bills have the talent on the offensive side of the ball to be a top unit in the NFL and it might be time to make a change by taking away the play calling from Dorsey because what the last five weeks have shown is that it just isn't working.