Buffalo Bills should make switch at offensive coordinator before Week 10

New York Giants v Buffalo Bills
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Buffalo Bills know the problem but don't want to state it

After the game against the Bengals, most of the questions centered around the offense. Head coach Sean McDermott and quarterback Josh Allen's responses were quite telling. McDermott said he didn't have a good answer for why the Bills didn't go uptempo earlier.

Josh Allen was asked a similar question and said it was "just the game plan that we had going into it". There is no question that when the Bills have gone uptempo or no huddle this offense has looked very good but earlier in the game they didn't necessarily have to do that after success on the opening drive.

That first drive Josh Allen went 5 of 6 and the Bills had only one third down on a seven play drive that ended with a touchdown. This was an excellent sign for a team that has not been able to get off to a fast start.