Buffalo Bills suffer further fall from grace in latest AFC rankings

Buffalo Bills
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13. New England Patriots (2 - 5)

The New England Patriots pulled off a huge upset, defeating the Buffalo Bills with an improbably game-winning drive. The winning drive was the first of Mac Jones' career since his rookie year. Has he and the Patriots turned a corner? We'll see how the team does going forward but if you're a Patriots fan, you'd probably prefer they just lose so they could be in the Caleb Willians sweepstakes.

12. Los Angeles Chargers (2 - 4)

Has there ever been a more talented team in recent memory that just can't find a way to win consistently? I've said before and I'll say it again, Coach Staley needs to go. His coaching decisions throughout his tenure have cost this team games and then there is the big loss in the playoffs, after holding a big lead.

11. New York (3 - 3)

The New York Jets and their fans are still riding high after their big win against the Philadelphia Eagles two weeks ago but with a bye this past weekend, they haven't had a chance to build on that win. The Jets will face their cross-town rival, the Giants, which gives them a very good chance to get to 4 - 3. But the Giants narrowly lost to the Buffalo Bills two weeks ago and followed that up with a win against the Washington Commanders.