Buffalo Bills struggle again in week 7 loss against the New England Patriots

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Khalil Shakir continues to see more time on the field

This is another player I want to see on the field more and used not only as a blocker but more in the passing game. Today, the Bills did that and he delivered a solid game. Shakir was targeted four times and caught all four. That's nine targets on the year and he's turned that into eight receptions. He doubled his receptions on the season in today's game.

I understand the coaches want to give other players opportunities and Coach McDermott likes to use player rotations but this is the one area of McDermott as a coach I am critical of. These receivers need time on the field, time that helps build the chemistry and trust with Josh Allen. Let's keep Shakir on the field more often and give him a chance to solidify his position as the starting slot receiver for the Buffalo Bills.