Buffalo Bills struggle again in week 7 loss against the New England Patriots

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Dalton Kincaid played a big role in the offense

I also mentioned earlier that it might be time for the Bills to turn to Dalton Kincaid as more of the number one tight end going forward. Just too many times we've seen Dawson Knox unable to make the play when needed. Don't get me wrong, he's had some nice plays throughout his career but no one is going to ever say he has soft hands. Knox was targeted three times, with one reception for ten yards.

Kincaid was second on the team for the game in targets. Josh Allen targeted him eight times and he caught every, single, pass. He's now been targeted 26 times on the season and has 25 receptions. Coming into the draft, the scouting report on him was he had the best hands of anyone in the draft, wide receivers included.

He's shown that to be an accurate statement and the offense needs more of Kincaid from here on out. I have some thoughts on the offensive makeup too, or at least how I would like to see the offense look as the season progresses. More on that later though.