Buffalo Bills struggle again in week 7 loss against the New England Patriots

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The Bills offense continues to be late to the party

It's truly baffling what we are seeing right now with the Bills' offense. From games two through five, the Bills offense was on fire, including 48 against the Miami Dolphins. Since the Miami game, Buffalo has forgotten to show up in the first halves of games and finally making an appearance in the second halves. It's now cost them two games in the loss column.

I don't have the answer but I don't think it's as simple as blaming offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey or Coach McDermott. As I said in the opening, they aren't the ones on the field executing the plays. It is the job of the coaches to have their team ready to play and the Bills offense has not been ready to play, at least not in the first half. If you want to put that on the coaches, that's fine. But these are professional athletes and if you need a coach to remind you to get your head in the game and not make stupid mistakes, then again, I have to question the players, not the coaches.