Did Stefon Diggs take a shot at Josh Allen before being traded to Texans?

We can only assume all of the overreactions were, indeed, justifiable.

Buffalo Bills, Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs
Buffalo Bills, Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs / Patrick Smith/GettyImages

There had been months upon months of speculation, rumors and overreactions to his social media tirades and sideline rants, but finally, Stefon Diggs was indeed traded. The Buffalo Bills sent him to the Houston Texans on Wednesday in exchange for a 2025 second-round pick.

For what seems like far too long, now, we've seen the NFL world react and sometimes overreact to Diggs' antics on the sideline during games. We've seen him get up in Josh Allen's grill in a passionate manner, causing some to question the relationship between receiver and quarterback.

We have also seen plenty of chirping on social media over time, which some would say means nothing and others believe it had to mean something.

Well, just hours before the Bills traded Diggs, the wideout once again did his best to ruffle feathers on social media. Former NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III posted the question on X (formerly Twitter), "Is Stefon Diggs essential to Josh Allen's success?"

Among other replies, one person replied with the notion that Diggs is not essential to Allen's success, to which Diggs replied:

"You sure?"

Did Stefon Diggs just confirm to Bills fans what some had been assuming all along?

You can call it overreaction. You can call it simply a "passion for the game," like Allen has done in support of his former wide receiver. Call it whatever you want to, but the fact of the matter is, Diggs has been this type of guy for a long time.

Whether or not you have believed Allen and Diggs when they've tried to assure us all their relationship is just fine, clearly, it wasn't.

Look at some of the past posts Diggs has made on social media:

"Want me to be okay with losing? Nah"

"Want me to be okay with our level of play when it’s not up to the standard ? Nah"

These are just a few of many posts from the Pro Bowl wide receiver which would lead us to believe he had been unhappy with Buffalo and his quarterback.

Even prior to being traded from Minnesota, Diggs was also unhappy, posting several things on social media including one of the more famous quotes: "People don’t appreciate things until they’re gone."

At this point, we know who Diggs is. He's a great player. He's a passionate player.

But, he's not easy to please, and he'll make it known.