Buffalo Bills: Stealing one player from every AFC East opponent

This is the time of the year when content creators like me like to have fun with off-the-wall, hypotheticals. So, here we are selecting one player from each of the Buffalo Bills' divisional rivals to steal and add to their roster.

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Taron Armstead - Offensive Tackle - Miami Dolphins

Once again, I likely went against the majority, and rather than going with Jaylen Waddle or Tyreek Hill, I wanted to get Josh Allen some protection and selected Taron Armstead.  We’ve already got Garrett Wilson from the Jets and there are too many question marks on the Bills offensive line, particularly with the Spencer Brown.

We hope that Brown rebounds from his 2022 performance but why not just grab Armstead and have all the answers?  A lot of fans talk about the team needing to run Allen less but if you look at the numbers, the majority of Allen’s rush yards and carries are from him scrambling to get away from pressure.  I’d much rather watch Allen from a solid pocket and fire the ball with his rocket arm.

Armstead earned a PFF grade of 77.6 a season ago, ranking him 15th among tackles in the NFL.  He committed only five penalties last season and allowed only one sack in 435 pass-block snaps.

Armstead was also the highest-rated offensive tackle in the AFC East and I wanted the best option to upgrade the Bills’ offensive line, by doing so, removes any other Dolphins players that we could select.  I’m sure fans have other suggestions, but I didn’t want to simply go with the best players in the division, instead, wanted to go with players that upgraded the Bills where improvement is needed.

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