Buffalo Bills: Stealing one player from every AFC East opponent

This is the time of the year when content creators like me like to have fun with off-the-wall, hypotheticals. So, here we are selecting one player from each of the Buffalo Bills' divisional rivals to steal and add to their roster.

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If you had the option to choose any one player from each of the Bills' AFC East opponents, who would you select? For this exercise, I first looked at Buffalo's roster and determined where I believe their most significant areas of need are. This wasn't that easy, since I am pretty high on this year's team and there aren't many holes.

One thing I've learned from doing this exercise, well confirmed more like it, is that the New Jersey Jets have a pretty solid roster, and rival that of the Bills. Also, it wasn't easy finding someone from the New England Patriots to steal but I think I found one, which also affects who I decided to steal from the other teams.

I know there will be fans out there who will mock this article and call it nonsense, but to those I will just say, loosen up and just have fun with it. We're not trying to be serious here and just want to fill the football void that is July.

First, I broke down the Bills roster and try to determine the three positions where they are weakest or maybe have the most question marks. Then look at the three teams, the Patriots, Dolphins, and Jets, and decide who has a player that will provide the best improvement or address the unknown.

So here are the three positions I decided to target. Maybe you'll agree or maybe you'll tell me I don't know what I'm talking about but the positions I want to address are the defensive line, wide receiver, and offensive line. By going this route, we eliminate someone like Sauce Gardner, but I want players that will improve the Bills the most and I believe in the corners the Bills already have with Tre'Davious White, Kaiir Elam, Christian Benford, and Taron Johnson.

Alright, enough chatter, let's get into the players I would steal from the Bills' AFC East teams and add them to the already stacked roster of the Buffalo Bills.