Buffalo Bills: Stealing one player from each AFC East Rival

Buffalo Bills, Tyreek Hill
Buffalo Bills, Tyreek Hill / Bryan M. Bennett/GettyImages
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The offseason is a perfect time to wishfully think, or even daydream, if you will. The Buffalo Bills look even better on paper, this year, than they did last year, and should be in the running for a Super Bowl this next season.

But, what if they were allowed to do a little shopping, courtesty of their division rivals?

Hypothetically speaking, if you could take any player from each of the Bills' AFC East rivals, who would it be? We tried answering that question, and with just three moves, the Bills would be Super Bowl favorites, no doubt.

The Buffalo Bills would steal Tyreek Hill away from the Miami Dolphins

We have talked all offseason long about the Bills adding another wide receiver. Whether that would have been in the draft or now bringing in free agent DeAndre Hopkins, the Bills have longed for another weapon in the passing game. Of course, Dalton Kincaid ended up being the best available weapon in the first round, so he'll play a role this year.

But, if the Bills could steal any player from the Miami Dolphins, it would undoubtedly be Tyreek Hill. Just picture Josh Allen's arm lining up perfectly with the speed of Hill. It's an unstoppable combo made in heaven.

Hill is still arguably the fastest player in football and runs some of the better routes in football. He's a top-10, if not top-5 wide receiver in the league. Put him alongside Stefon Diggs, catching passes from Allen, and this offense wouldn't be touched.