Buffalo Bills should channel Damar Hamlin's George Halas Award going into 2023 season

Damar Hamlin, Buffalo Bills
Damar Hamlin, Buffalo Bills / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

When Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field last season, nothing else mattered. The entire world was watching as one human life hung in the ballads.

Fast forward a few months, and Hamlin has made an incredible comeback story come true; so much so, that doctors have cleared him to play the 2023 season. It's absolutely astounding what this young man has been able to accomplish after, quite frankly, dying on the field doing what he loved to do.

Now looking ahead, Hamlin's life will never be the same, and one more notable honor was bestowed upon him Monday as he was named the PFWA George Halas Award winner. The award is given to a player, coach or staff member each year for displaying courage through adversity.

Back in April, Hamlin infamously told reporters that this was "not the end" of his story, and the comeback was indeed happening. After receiving this prestigious award and being on schedule to play this coming season, Hamlin's story and energy should be what this team channels going into a season where the Super Bowl is the only acceptable outcome.

The Buffalo Bills need to channel Damar Hamlin's comeback story and energy en route to a Super Bowl this coming season

This Bills team has seen four seasons in a row end with playoff defeat. A franchise that's never won a Super Bowl, and is so close to doing so, has to be thinking that this is an end-all, be-all type of campaign coming up.

Although, general manager Brandon Beane doesn't think that's the case.

Still, the Bills have gotten so close four four-straight seasons. Obviously, the furthest away was a Wildcard loss in 2019 after Josh Allen started to break out. But, the past three seasons, the BIlls have ended with at least a Divisional Round berth, losing the AFC Championship game to the Kansas City Chiefs back in January 2021.

This coming year, the fight, mental fortitude and grit that's been displayed from Hamlin has to be the same exact energy this Bills team channels, and it starts with Josh Allen. The careless turnovers need to be limited, and the offensive line has to be better. This team needs to show some fight; some real grit.

If any team can take this mentality and put it into practice, it's Buffalo. Hopefully, these guys follow suit with Hamlin and go for it all in 2023.

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