Bills should be one of the teams calling the Giants about first-round trade

New York Giants v Buffalo Bills
New York Giants v Buffalo Bills / Bryan Bennett/GettyImages

The NFL Draft is quickly approaching and what the Buffalo Bills might do with their first pick is not any clearer. On Thursday, general manager Brandon Beane met with the media and didn't tip his hand as he said "he has no idea if he's going to trade up, trade down or stay put at 28" according to Maddy Glab.

However, the first part of that quote is what is interesting, especially with something an NFC general manager, and former member of Beane's front office said on the same day. According to Glab, Beane said he doesn't expect teams in the Top 10 to give the Bills a call but there is no rule saying he can't call them.

Shortly after Beane's press conference, New York Giants general manager Joe Schoen met with the media and Ari Meirov reported that he said that he has been surprised by how many teams behind him are interested in trading up to six.

Buffalo Bills should be one of those teams calling the New York Giants

There is no question that Brandon Beane leaves no stone unturned around the NFL Draft. In addition, Beane and Schoen spent a number of years working together with the Buffalo Bills with Schoen as assistant general manager. He would leave to become the Giants' general manager in 2022.

It would cost the Bills a lot to move from 28th overall to sixth but it has been done in the past. The Atlanta Falcons pulled off a similar trade to pick wide receiver Julio Jones and while it was multiple high draft picks, it would be safe to say that trade worked out for them.

If the Bills were to make that kind of trade, they would also be moving up to draft a wide receiver and most likely would have their choice between Malik Nabers or Rome Odunze. This is not to say that the Bills would make that big of a trade but it would be surprising if the two general managers didn't at least have preliminary discussions about a framework.