3 players the Buffalo Bills could include in a Jonathan Taylor trade

Should the Bills enter the Jonathan Taylor conversation?
Buffalo Bills, Jonathan Taylor
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Monday afternoon, the Buffalo Bills and rest of the AFC saw some big time news come from within the conference.

Indianapolis Colts star running back Jonathan Taylor was officially given permission to seek a trade after a few weeks of the unknown. At one point, Jim Irsay said it would never happen. But, here we are.

That begs the question: should the Bills enter the Taylor sweepstakes? If so, what type of offer would they send Indianapolis?

The Colts reportedly want a first-round pick or equivalent compensation, but the following Bills players could be included in a deal as well.

1. James Cook

Obviously, the first name you'd think of the Bills including is second-year pro James Cook. The Colts might prefer any deal to include Cook, because they would be left awfully thin at running back if they traded Taylor. Currently, behind Taylor, the Colts have veterans Deon Jackson and Kenyan Drake. In addition, they've got a rookie fifth-round pick Evan Hull who could take some of the weight.

But, none of those guys are as talented as Cook and wouldn't be able to shoulder a full work load like Buffalo is expecting out of Cook this year.

Let's say the Bills offered a package like Cook and a third-round pick. Would that be enough to appease the Colts? You might not find a better trade offer than that, if you're Indianapolis.

If not Cook, though, the Bills could dangle a couple of other players out there for the Colts to take a look at.