Buffalo Bills Rumors: New Stefon Diggs trade report is absurd

Buffalo Bills, Stefon Diggs
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Over the last couple of weeks, Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs has been much more of a distraction than anything else. From skipping the initial, mandatory minicamp practice to now seeing his name pop up in countless rumors, it's gotten to the point where some are wondering whether he wants out.

Would the Bills really trade Diggs?

Denver Broncos insider Benjamin Allbright went on the air recently and gave his insight as to what he's been told about the current situation.

Allbright said on Broncos Country Tonight that there has been some suggestion to him that the Bills would "consider it under the right circumstances."

The Buffalo Bills will not trade Stefon Diggs, and any such rumor is completely absurd

It really must be the dead zone of the NFL offseason if this is what a Broncos insider is deciding to report. If the Bills were to trade Diggs, they would eat a whopping $44 million in dead money. Now, to be fair to Allbright, he did mention that being the big issue.

"The dead cap on him is absurdly high ... destructively high ... It's a nightmare logistically ... I just don't think Buffalo has the ability make that happen," he said.

If Allbright didn't want this to turn into a story (congratulations, it did) then he could have began and ended this discussion by saying something along the lines of there being no possible way a trade happens and any rumor regarding a Diggs trade should hold zero weight.

But, of course, he had to connect it to the Broncos "just in case" Denver had any interest.

The Broncos are one of the deepest teams at wide receiver, in all of football, so I don't believe there to be any legitimate reason for a Denver insider to entertain this idea in the least.

"The Bills' thoughts on this are legitimate,'' Allbright also said.

You know what? I don't buy that for a minute. Again, Allbright has seemed fairly plugged-in over the years. But, this time, he is far off base. There is no possible way the Bills have any thoughts of trading Diggs.


It's not happening, so let's shut that door.

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