Buffalo Bills Rumors: 4 improbable trades involving Stefon Diggs

Buffalo Bills, Stefon Diggs
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Trade Number 3: The Bills trade Stefon Diggs to the Indianapolis Colts

In this third deal, the Bills look to Indianapolis as a trade partner. The Colts are an intriguing team, offensively, because they could have one of the scariest one-two punches in terms of a quarterback and running back with the ability to take off.

Rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson comes to the Colts as one of the more polarizing players from this recent draft class, but if his physical tools can translate into NFL success, Indy will be thrilled. Right now, the Colts' number one wideout is Michael Pittman Jr., who hasn't quite panned out the way the team has wanted to see. However, the Colts have also not had a solidified quarterback position since Pittman's rookie year.

Diggs Trade 3

In any event, Pittman won't have to worry about quarterback any longer as he is shipped off to Buffalo in this deal and will catch passes from Josh Allen, now. Along with Pittman, the Bills will receive a 2024 first-round pick, 2024 fourth-round pick and 2024 sixth-round pick. The Colts will truly be going all in on developing Richardson as quickly as possible by giving him one of the best receivers in the game with Diggs.

Meanwhile, the Bills have a haul of picks to use next year, plus a guy in Pittman who still has the potential to become an alpha wide receiver.