Buffalo Bills: 4 huge trade ideas that could reshape AFC race for 2023

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Buffalo Bills add a versatile defender to minimize the loss of Matt Milano

Jeremy Chinn

If the Buffalo Bills are looking to replace Matt Milano via a trade, there are not many game-changing options out there. This will require general manager Brandon Beane and Sean McDermott to get a little creative and that is why a player like Jeremy Chinn makes sense.

The Panthers drafted Jeremy Chinn in the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft and he is currently in the final year of his deal. He has primarily played safety during his time with Carolina but is very versatile and not only can play safety but also play nickel or even weakside linebacker.

This type of versatility would be perfect in the Buffalo Bills defensive scheme. The Bills don't need big linebackers but want players who move quickly sideline to sideline and can cover a lot of ground. By playing Chinn at weakside linebacker, it gives them a player that can do that along with being a pretty good player in coverage.

Jeremy Chinn is a young player and the salary wouldn't be too tough to fit under the current salary cap. For the Buffalo Bills, this not only addresses an immediate need but the team could look to re-sign him to a long-term deal and be a potential replacement for Jordan Poyer at safety after this year.