Buffalo Bills: 4 huge trade ideas that could reshape AFC race for 2023

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Leonard Williams could be another option at defensive tackle for Buffalo Bills

Leonard Williams

If Aaron Donald is not available, or the price is too high, then another defensive tackle that could be available is Leonard Williams with the New York Giants. The Giants had aspirations of being a playoff team this season but have struggled to begin the year. If they are ready to have a fire sale, Leonard Williams should draw plenty of interest.

Williams was a first round pick by the New York Jets in 2015 and played 4.5 seasons before being traded to the Giants during the 2019 season. He would sign a three-year contract extension but is now in the final year of his deal.

This is one of the reasons that the New York Giants may be interested in trading Leonard Williams to get some type of return if he were to leave in free agency. However, the reason the Bills would need to offer more than a third is that Williams could bring a third back to the Giants in the form of a compensatory pick in 2025.

By adding a fifth round pick, along with the fact the Giants don't need to worry about Leonard Williams factoring into the compensatory draft pick formula next offseason, could be enough incentive to trade him now.

For the Buffalo Bills, the reason is pretty obvious as Leonard Williams would slot in at defensive tackle right away next to Ed Oliver and make a notable improvement at the position. It would secure the run defense while also giving this defensive line another good pass rusher.