Bills Rumors: 5 dark horse candidates to replace Sean McDermott as head coach

Buffalo could legitimately be on the lookout for a new head coach in 2024.
Buffalo Bills, Sean Mcdermott
Buffalo Bills, Sean Mcdermott / Billie Weiss/GettyImages
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5. Jim Harbaugh, Head Coach, Michigan

Every NFL offseason, we're going to talk about Jim Harbaugh leaving Michigan for the pros. And every year, it seems, the conversation is a pointless one. But, it's one that's worth having. For the Bills to pry Harbaugh from Michigan, they would have to give one heck of a sales pitch. He's comfortable, highly-paid and always in the running for a National Championship.

The counterpoint to that, of course, is the fact that he has yet to make it to the big game. But, that could all change this year as he and the Wolverines are 10-0, just like Day and the Buckeyes.

Harbaugh, a former quarterback, could wind up being the guy who finally morphs Josh Allen into the guy he's shown the ability to be, but do so consistently. He has the type of overall leadership skills of an old-school coach, bringing toughness and a matter-of-fact type of attitude. For a fan base like Buffalo, Harbaugh would mesh real well. He's a no-BS type of guy.

But again, what would it take to get him to leave Michigan? He'd have to see a real opportunity to win a Super Bowl in Buffalo, and right now, the Bills still look like they need some help beyond just their head coach.