Buffalo Bills remain in top 3 of AFC power rankings for Week 18

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4. Kansas City Chiefs (10 - 6)

The Chiefs locked up another AFC West title, downing the Bengals 25 - 17, while also booking a trip to the playoffs and the AFC's number three seed. They will host the wild card round but it's possible they could be on the road for the divisional round, assuming they make it out of the wild card round. The Chiefs aren't who they used to be offensively but it's still Patrick Mahomes and coach Andy Reid, so they can't be taken lightly, despite their recent struggles.

3. Buffalo Bills (10 - 6)

I don't want to say I told you so but I'm going to, "I told you so". I said more than a month ago that I believed the Bills would be in this spot battling the Dolphins for the AFC title. I wrote a week-by-week predictive piece during Week 12 and have only been wrong on one of those predictions, that being the Cowboys game. Either way, here we are after the Bills downed the Patriots and the Dolphins were embarrassed by the Ravens. It all comes down to a massive Week 18 showdown.

2. Cleveland Browns (11 - 5)

Before the Brows signed Joe Flacco off the streets, I wasn't a believer in this team because they just weren't getting good quarterback play. I also wouldn't have guessed that signing Flacco would have the impact it is. But Flacco is balling right now and has given the Browns a legitimate shot at a Super Bowl title. They have the fifth seed locked up and are a serious threat. They hold an 8 - 3 conference record, the only other teams as good are the Chiefs and Ravens, both also are 8 - 3 in AFC play.

1. Baltimore Ravens (13 - 3)

There may not be a more complete team in the AFC than this Ravens team. On paper, it would seem we are on a collision course for a 49ers and Ravens Super Bowl. The problem is, when the Ravens get into the playoffs, they don't look like the same team and the Ravens have only one win with Lamar Jackson at quarterback. I will add though, that this iteration of the Ravens is more talented at the skill positions than they've been in years past.

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