Buffalo Bills remain in top 3 of AFC power rankings for Week 18

Buffalo Bills
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7. Cincinnati Bengals (8 - 8)

Bengals fans will point to the Joe Burrow injury as the reason this team missed the playoffs but it's not like the team was winning a ton of games with him in the lineup. Besides, Jake Browning has played well in Burrow's place. It might seem odd to have the Bengals in the top seven here, ahead of other teams that are still playing for a playoff spot, but I think the Bengals are a good team, but we'll see what happens in Week 18 when they face the Cleveland Browns.

6. Miami Dolphins (10 - 6)

It's really hard for me to put these guys even this high in the rankings. Don't get me wrong, they are a good football team but the way they play against quality teams makes it difficult. Do I believe they would lose against the Bengals, Colts, Texans, or Jaguars, that would be difficult to say but for now, I have them ranked sixth, and depending on what they do against the Bills this weekend, they could fall out of the top ten in next week's AFC power rankings.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers (9 - 7)

The Steelers ensured that Coach Tomlin would complete his 17th consecutive season with a winning record when they took down the Seattle Seahawks 30 -23. The win also keeps them alive in the AFC playoff chase, where they currently sit in the ninth spot. They will be rooting for the Bills to lose to the Dolphins, and they'll need to beat the Ravens as well, which they did earlier in the year. Plus, the Ravens will likely be resting several of their starters for most, if not all, of this regular-season finale.